New Kinder Joy toys feature rovers, astronauts, and colorful rocket ships! | Source: Kinder Joy

Get ready for your little astronaut to fall further in love with chocolate as Kinder Joy launches a new collection of outer space-themed toys alongside edible treats.

Kinder Joy is a collection of egg-shaped chocolate treats made by Ferrero. When opened, the plastic egg has two sealed halves — one contains a chocolate and cream candy, and the other a toy (plus a bonus spoon to eat the candy side with). It’s no wonder they’re popular, since kids get dessert and also a mystery toy to play with. Now, Kinder Joy is exploring outer space with its newest collection of prizes to find within the eggs.

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World Space Week is right around the corner (Oct. 4-10), and to celebrate Kinder Joy will release 12 new toys all themed around space. The set will include rocket ships, astronauts, explorer rovers, and more. Kids can also scan their surprise toy into the Applaydu app to further interact with the toy via augmented reality

Alyssa Carson dreams of going to Mars and will teach kids all about space in Explore the Galaxy. | Source: Kinder Joy

That’s not all Kinder Joy is doing to celebrate our exciting universe: In a partnership with aspiring astronaut Alyssa Carson, Kinder Joy is releasing the Explore the Galaxy series, in which Carson will talk about space facts, her own experiences with space as she trains to be an astronaut, and the new toys.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Kinder Joy space collection will be available in stores nationwide.

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