New from KinderLab Robotics comes the latest KIBO robot kit — the KIBO Home Edition — that fosters kids’ STEM skills at home while being completely screen free

The KIBO robot kit is an innovative way for kids ages 4-7 to learn the basics of coding while building and designing their own robot. The KIBO Home Edition provides supplemental learning experiences in science and engineering for kids learning remotely. 

Kids can use the programming cards to create coding sequences for their robots, then scan their sequence on the barcode scanner that is built into the body of the robot to make it move. Kids can further design their robot by drawing on the robot’s whiteboard faceplate or decorate their robot with the included paper costumes. The creativity and storytelling begin once kids program their robots as they place their new creation in an imagined world designed exclusively by them. 

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There are two new KIBO Home Edition kits available. Priced at $149, the KIBO 10 Home Edition includes the KIBO robot, its wheels and motors, and scannable cards for creating KIBO programs. Priced at $199, the KIBO 15 Home Edition includes KIBO’s light bulb, sound sensor modules, additional commands, and a wooden art stage. 

The KIBO Home Edition is available for a limited time in the KinderLab Robotics web store.

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