Chattysnaps Pins | Source: Chattysnaps

Artist Laura Kelly is combining art with empowerment for young kids to get creative through books, pins, and other collectible items.

Kelly created a collection of items with Papersalt dedicated to spreading positivity. These include fun stickers, customizable lunch notes, greeting cards, and more. Kelly’s Kindness on Purpose inspirational book is full of activities, ideas, and reminders about spreading joy and positivity at every age. 

The Kindness Collection from Papersalt | Source: Papersalt

With Chattysnaps, Kelly created an empowerment line of collectible pins for kids. There are six series of pins, each containing three pins that feature positive affirmations, such as “I am confident,” “I am smart,” and “I am friendly,” for kids to remember their worth. 

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Kindness Coloring Book | Source: LeapYear Publishing

Kelly also designed new kindness coloring books with LeapYear Publishing, launching soon. Kids can color and relieve stress while learning important lessons about spreading kindness.

All of Kelly’s products promote the spread of kindness and are a great reminder for kids of all ages to spread positive energy.

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