The Clean Sweep Learning Caddy has all the tools kids need to pretend clean! | Source: LeapFrog

Growing up, chores are always one of the least fun things to do, but they’re necessary. One of the newest interactive toys from LeapFrog is designed to introduce kids to cleaning from a young age in a fun, educational way that will get them comfortable with it by the time they’re added to the chore schedule. 

The Clean Sweep Learning Caddy is designed for kids ages 3 and up and comes with six pieces: a spray bottle, a cleaning cloth, a mop, a broom, a dustpan, and the interactive mop bucket. Kids can spend hours cleaning up imaginary messes using this playset. Most of the pieces in the set are realistic (albeit smaller) versions of cleaning supplies, but the interactive mop bucket has a big smile on and is ready to help kids learn to clean! 

Imaginative play isn’t the only benefit the Clean Sweep Learning Caddy offers. The interactive bucket comes with three different modes: dance and clean mode, counting and colors mode, and pretend mode. 

Kids can practice counting and colors! | Source: LeapFrog

When the bucket is in dance and clean mode, it plays music for kids to dance along to while they pretend to clean. Counting and colors mode provides learning-based auditory prompts, such as having kids pump soap the right number of times and identifying the colors of the different cleaning objects. For example, the bucket might tell kids to clean up muddy paw prints using the purple spray bottle and red cloth. Then, when kids are done, they have to push down on the soap pump three times to wash their hands. Each time kids press the soap pump, it makes a squirting noise. Finally, kids can create their own chores to complete with pretend mode. While kids use pretend mode, the bucket will play music for them to clean in short bursts. 

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There are two other interactive buttons on the mop bucket: the spinner and the star button. No matter which mode the bucket is in, kids can use the pedal spinner to spin out pretend water from the mop before pressing the star button to get a new chore to complete while enjoying a song and dance. 

The music and sound effects from the Clean Sweep Learning Caddy can get a little loud, but the benefits of building healthy cleaning habits far outweigh that. With this set, kids can pretend to clean in a fun way, so they have positive associations with the activity and build life skills. Combined with the educational and interactive elements, this set is a clean sweep!

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