lego’s Caring for bees & beehives duplo set is sweet as honey

  • Comes with 22 pieces
  • Showcases running an apiary and collecting honey
  • Features diverse figures

This LEGO DUPLO set depicts a scene of a child and an adult working on an apiary. DUPLO sets have larger (and fewer) pieces so that toddlers can learn to build at the appropriate challenge level. There are 22 pieces in the set, including an adult, a child, two bees, and a farm truck.

The Caring for Bees & Beehives DUPLO playset is a joyous depiction of working hard for something that matters. Kids are sure to love the colorful, cheery pieces, just the right size for little hands, and parents will love the empathy and nurturing it promotes. The two workers, the adult and child, have different skin tones and facial features, encouraging diverse playtime. As far as introducing kids to environmental topics through play goes, the Caring For Bees & Beehives set is the perfect start.

While the toy certainly broaches environmental topics and can encourage discussions, there’s no indication that the set itself is made using green processes.

Homes with a real bee farm; kids who either love or are afraid of bees; toddler playdates; kids who love to build


Create a buzz for toddlers around the life cycle of some very important insects: bees! LEGO DUPLO Town Caring for Bees & Beehives is a 22-piece colorful construction set that helps preschoolers learn how these vital pollinators live and how honey is made. Toddlers water the flowers to help them grow. The bees take the…

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $19.99
  • Age:
  • 2+

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