Take pretend play to new levels with this s’mores campfire set. | Source: Melissa & Doug

What’s the great outdoors without a campfire and some s’mores? Nothing beckons summer fun like gathering with marshmallows on sticks, but real flames aren’t exactly kid-friendly. Rest assured, little ones can still enjoy the campfire experience with this storytelling playset from Melissa & Doug.

The Let’s Explore Campfire S’mores Play Set is a 23-piece set that will take kids on their very own pretend camping adventure. It includes plush crackling flames, plush logs, a wooden saw, a reversible fire pit mat, two toasting sticks, an activity booklet, a collectible medallion, and a mesh storage bag. 

This set promotes early brain development and mess-free play! | Source: Melissa & Doug

The playset is ideal for kids ages 3 and up and parents who want to explore more hands-on and screen-free play options. Preschoolers can discover the joy of outdoor adventures that instill natural curiosity, while remaining safe and mess-free. Parents will love that they can bring this toy wherever they travel this summer for battery-free play straight out of the box. Furthermore, this plush playset is great for enhancing kids’ creativity, improving focus, and refining problem-solving skills

The Let’s Explore Campfire S’mores Play Set features plush accessories, such as reversible marshmallows with one side toasted and the other side uncooked for a realistic and adaptable play experience. The play food includes two marshmallows in realistic packaging, two wooden chocolate pieces in a replica chocolate box, and plush graham crackers in a pretty convincing graham cracker wrapper. 

This 23-piece set includes everything kids need to start their pretend camping adventure! | Source: Melissa & Doug

Preschoolers can hone their fine motor skills when they set up the reversible fire pit mat, which Velcros to any surface and features a patio fire side and a forest fire side. Kids can place the plush flames in the center and secure it with an additional Velcro piece. The log is pre-cut into four pieces containing magnets that kids can use to reconnect them back together into one log. Kids can also play pretend with the wooden saw to “cut” the log into four pieces. Preschoolers can then place these logs around their plush fire to really get it going. The instructions also include a page on how to assemble the logs for a successful fire, which teaches kids real outdoor skills while they play. 

Store all the pieces inside the included mesh bag. | Source: Melissa & Doug

All that’s left is to open up the marshmallow bag, secure the plush marshmallows to the toasting stick, and hold them out to the “fire.” Kids can flip them over to reveal the “toasted” side of the marshmallows. Then, kids can assemble their s’mores by adding the pretend graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows to enjoy the fruits (or desserts) of their labor. 

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This playset works great with a group of kids as well. Not only does it include two of everything for friends and family, but it also makes a conversation sparker (no pun intended). Preschoolers get to talk about building a fire, assembling s’mores, and practice their patience while waiting on their plush marshmallows to get toasty. After playtime is over, parents can store the pieces inside the provided mesh bag.

All the fun of a real fire without any chance of getting burnt: That’s a win-win. | Source: Melissa & Doug

With warm weather fast approaching (and never leaving in some states), this playset makes a safe outdoor play experience for families — or an excellent indoor toy for rainy days. Parents can set up a couple of blankets, grab some flashlights, the S’mores and More Playset, and have an indoor camping experience. With so many ways to play, dare we say, this playset is a “hot” summer toy!

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