Yay bubbles! Better yet—yay tasty bubbles! 🤩👌🌀

Lick-A-Bubble, from Imperial Toys, allows kids to create their own custom made-flavored bubble solution. This kit includes two to four bubble bottles (depending which pack size you purchase) that look like your typical bottle of bubbs, except somewhat empty 🤔. No worries, the bubbs didn’t spill—the solution just isn’t finished yet ✨.

Inside each bottle is a small amount of pre-made, non-toxic, safe-to-eat solution that will mix with kids drink of choice. All kids have to do is pick out their favorite beverage (no pulp or dairy beverages!), stir it with their included magic wand, fill their bottle up to the red line, and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE! Voila, the bubble solution is complete. Cue the tasty bubbles! 


Just add a drink, mix it up, blow some bubbs, and taste/lick/eat. Whatever floats your boat— it’s all edible, safe, and fun!

Think apple juice bubbles, Gatorade bubbles, lemonade bubbles, and well, for us giant kids at heart—wine, beer, or champagne. Ladies’ night just got more fun, I mean  *cough cough* this is a great toy for the kids 👍.

Everything kids need—except their choice of beverage—is included. Most of the solution kids will create will be composed of their drink, as the secret magic Lick-A-Bubble solution only fills up about 10 percent of the bottle, and can’t be tasted when it’s bubble licking time. Therefore, those Juicy Juice bubbles will taste just the way you like them!

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Kelly Corbett

Kelly Corbett

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