Lion Guard Play Set
You may think you have what it takes to be a member of the Lion Guard, but now’s your chance to prove it.

The Lion Guard Training Lair, Just Play’s newest Lion Guard play set, is what distinguishes the lions from the cubs. The Lion Guard fans must help Kion as he climbs up the treacherous rock wall, masters his arrow-throwing aim, and outsmarts the sneaky hyenas. The play set comes with Kion and Janja, but kids can use characters from other Lion Guard play sets to extend the fun.

The finishing touches easily pop onto the lair and then it’s go-time. The entire play set—or rather play tower—measures more than 3 feet tall. From all the way at the tippy top to the rocks at the very bottom, the play set has hidden traps, secret hideaways, projectiles, lights, sounds, and all kinds of obstacles to overcome.

Let’s start from the top, and work our way down. Ono’s tree is placed at the highest point of the play set and fully rotates so that he can keep a lookout on all of the enemies below. His perch can even be removed so that kids can hold it in their hands and look through the eyepiece to lend the gang a helping hand. The waterfall, which cascades from the bottom of Ono’s tree, has a rock that lights up and makes all kinds of crazy jungle noises when kids press on it. Another rock along the waterfall has a boulder drop that rotates in every direction to send the boulder left, right, backward, or forward.

Across from the boulder is the launcher. Kids can connect Kion or Janja onto the green harness, pull the branch down, and watch as the characters are shot off the platform. Kids can also connect a character to the harness on the other platform and then spin the brown thumb wheel to rotate the surface in circles. The tree directly above that has another harness where kids can connect Kion or Janja to, pull the branch down, and watch as the characters are shot off the platform. The green button on the branch next to the launcher will swing the monkey up and down when kids press on the green button above it.

The level below that is the grass area. Once kids push the Mark of the Guard button on that wall, a secret door swings open to unveil a cross bow that fully rotates and slants towards the left and right. Now, they can use the three arrows to shoot at Mzingo for target practice. There is also a harness on the wall that moves up and down so that members of the Lion Guard can climb the rock.

Last, but certainly not least, is the ground level. The longer kids rotate the rock knob on the floor, the longer it spins the cave walls in circles when kids press the button next to it. There’s also an elevator to take their friends back to the next two floors to relive all the fun. Once they transport the Lion Guard member back to the upper floors, they can then clip the zip line onto one of the tree vines above so that there is a fast and fun way to get to the bottom.

If any child is a Lion Guard-in-training, Just Play’s play set is what they need test their talent and take their skills to the next level.


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Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo

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