Captain Goldbeard’s treasure has been hidden for centuries. Now, here is your chance to turn your home into a deserted island and put together an epic adventure for your kids. 

If you’ve ever tried to create a scavenger hunt on your own (like me) then you know how complicated it can be. You have to come up with multiple hiding spots, then write out all of the clues, and on top of that — the clues have to be cute and clever! Thankfully, the Lost Loot: DIY Pirate Treasure Hunt Game from SCS Direct comes with pre-made clues and makes setting up a pirate-themed treasure hunt so easy.

The treasure chest itself features a one-of-a-kind lock mechanism that requires all five skeleton keys to open. Parents fill the chest with the included gems — or add their own “treasure” like candy, trinkets, or coins — and leave a trail of clues. Pick at least five clue cards from the pack and leave each key with a clue along the way. There are 150 clue cards so you can play this game time after time and kids won’t get bored of the same familiar hiding spots. Plus, there are 30 blank cards so you can write your own clues like “Dad’s favorite snack jar” or “Your favorite reading nook” and personalize the game.

The game comes with a Clue Guide Book for those parents who prefer a little more direction. Each clue card is numbered, and the guide includes the corresponding hiding places. For example, card No. 10 states “When you open me, I play a tune.” Parents can check the guide to see that the location is a jewelry box. 

There are both indoor and outdoor hiding places, as well as multiple clue cards for the same location so you don’t have to reuse cards the next time you play. While the game is great for an outdoor adventure, it doubles as a fun activity for a rainy day. You can decide how many clues you want to leave and the level of difficulty, and the kids can go at their own pace and spend the whole afternoon deciphering clues. Although the game is suitable for kids ages 3 and up, you’ll need someone who can help with reading the cards. 

During their journey, kids will use problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and their imagination to find the hidden treasure. Once kids collect all five keys and find the chest, they will have to explore shapes, sizes, and colors to fit all the pieces into a 3D skeleton puzzle to open it.

The Lost Loot: DIY Pirate Treasure Hunt Game allows kids to go on an exciting adventure no matter where they are — all you have to do is hide the clues!

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Nadia Velit

Nadia Velit

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