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With the back-to-school and holiday seasons upon us, the Made by Me Sand Dough Handprint Stone from Horizon Group is an excellent playdate activity, a rainy day boredom buster, and a great gift to give to teachers, grandparents, and more!

The Sand Dough kit has everything kids need to create custom handprint stones. Inside the box, there is a clear, plastic tray, squishy sand dough, a paintbrush, and six paint colors. Kids ages 4 and up can make the mold by pressing the block of dough into the tray. It takes a little bit of effort to push and press, so younger kiddos may need a grown up to help. For older kids, it is a fun sensory sand activity, too! After pressing the dough flat, kids can press their hand into the sand. The dough hardens pretty quickly and kids can then paint their palms in the dough!

Make a memento for someone special! | Source: Horizon Group

A special trick is that kids can also use a toothpick (not included) to etch the date (or a special saying) on the back — and grown-ups can consider doing it each year to show kids’ growth on their birthday or when they start each school year as a unique memento. Or have each kid in a teacher’s classroom press their pinky into the dough for a class gift that educators would be excited to receive as a present! The handprint stones also serve as great gift ideas for Mother’s, Father’s or Grandparents’ Day as well.

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There are other ways to get creative, too! Pet parents can use their fur babies’ paws, or you can press other items, such as shells from a family vacation or keys to a new home, into the dough.

Need some inspiration? Here are some fun sayings to paint or write on the stone!

  • Hands down you’re the best Teacher/Dad/Mom/Coach.
  • This is the hand you used to hold when I was just (X) years old.
  • As I grow tall, this was my hand when I was small.

No matter who you gift this to or even if you keep it for yourself as a unique piece of art for the home, the Made by Me Sand Dough Handprint Stone will make a special place in your heart!

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