The Magformers STEM Master Builder comes with 24 magnetic pieces for creative building. | Source: Magformers/The Toy Insider

Building is a quintessential part of play, especially for kids who love stacking, connecting, and creating structures. The Magformers STEM Master Builder set adds an element of geometry and physics to this vital part of how preschoolers learn to play. 

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, this set comes with 24 pieces in the shapes of squares, circles, triangles, and more. There are nine different shapes in total, and each piece has a magnet on both sides that will connect it to the other pieces in the set. The pieces are designed to stick to each other with swiveling magnets so that polarity never gets in the way of a kid’s creativity. 

Kids can connect the magnetic pieces to build 3D structures. | Source: Magformers/The Toy Insider

Using the magnets on the sides of the shapes, kids can lay shapes together on a flat surface, then put the flat surfaces together to make a 3D object. Kids will learn how to make structures that can stand up on their own and practice their budding engineering skills while learning about how magnets work. 

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These easy-to-handle pieces allow kids to be creative with how they build, whether they want to make a house, a tower, or any number of designs for open-ended play. Younger kids might get frustrated while they’re building something because these magnets are so strong that the pieces often stick, even when you don’t want them to. However, the strength of the magnets will help kids build fine motor skills and ensure that their buildings won’t easily fall apart. The magnets also make it easy to clean up because kids can stack them together to put them away. Magformers are incredibly durable and the magnets are safely tucked inside the plastic casing, so parents don’t have to worry about the magnets inside falling out. 

Even if kids aren’t interested in the science behind magnets, this Magformers set is undeniably fun for hours of creative play.

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