The Magic Adventures Globe makes learning exciting! | Source: Leapfrog

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has impeded many families’ travel plans worldwide. Even now, some countries have yet to open their international borders due to ongoing safety concerns. That said, kids can still learn about the world from the comfort of their home, thanks to an innovative learning toy from Leapfrog, the Magic Adventures Globe.

This 10-inch, battery-powered globe is securely connected to an interactive learning base that features an integrated, 2.7-inch video screen; a stylus that interacts with different points on the globe; and more than 600 educational videos (both animated and live-action) by BBC. Through the magical globe, kids can learn about continents, countries, capitals, flags, cultures, languages, currencies, landmarks, geology, and animals.

Kids can use the stylus to interact with different points on the globe. | Source: Leapfrog

In addition to playing with more than five hours of educational footage, kids can also test their knowledge of what they’ve learned through three different game modes:

  • In Where in the World mode, kids can follow a series of clues to identify a specific landmark in the world. The clues will start big, helping kids identify either a continent or an ocean, and then get smaller, to focus on countries and then to a specific part of the country. This mode is great at developing kids’ critical thinking and deduction skills.
  • In Around the World mode, kids can circle the globe in 20 days. The plane will stop at two countries a day, so a completed journey will take kids through 40 countries of the world, starting from Turkey. This mode is great for helping kids learn at their own pace through the adventure of their own choosing.
  • In Quiz Show mode, kids will answer a series of quiz questions, just like a game show, while trying to attain the highest score possible. This mode is best for quiz-aholics and geography buffs!

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Not only is the globe great at widening kids’ horizons, it can also help adults revise their own geographic knowledge, making it a fun educational toy for the whole family! Let’s be honest here, how many parents still remember that the capital of Sudan is Khartoum back from when they learned it in school, and how many people can confidently tell the flag of Australia and New Zealand apart?

Magic Adventures Globe | Source: Leapfrog

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Parents and kids also have the option to download the Magic Adventures Globe’s adventure pack, which will take them through ancient civilizations, tell them about various mythologies, and show them countless species of prehistoric animals!

Overall, due to its wealth of educational material, fun game modes, and the innovative implementation of an interactive stylus, the Magic Adventures Globe makes learning many times more exciting and is a great investment for the whole family.

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