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Who says you can’t travel the world with kids? Families can take a trip around the globe right from their own homes with the LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe.

At approximately 14 inches high and 10 inches around, budding explorers and young travelers can use the Magic Adventures Globe to experience languages, cultures, animals, geography, habitats, and more. Using the attached stylus — literally attached so kids can’t lose it — kids can spin the globe and select any location on Earth. When they do, they can interact with each site in a variety of ways.

Kids can view animations and watch live-action, BBC-produced videos on the 2.7-inch integrated color video screen. Kids will also hear fun facts about each location. The combination of audio and video provides a muli-sensory educational experience that fully immerses children in the geography curriculum.

Adults should note the globe requires four AA batteries, which are included but will eventually need replacing, and even though the Magic Adventures Globe is intended for kids ages 5-7, this parent reviewer also finds it a valuable resource for older kids to enhance world history and language curriculum at home in a hands-on way!

Kids can be international travelers through three included, interactive games: Around the World, Quiz Show, and Where in the World. As kids play the games, they can explore the globe, challenge a friend, and even solve fun mysteries.

In Around the World, kids can race around the world traveling by plane, train, or other transportation by answering questions in record time. The Quiz Show game lets children challenge a friend to find different countries, landmarks, animals, and more. Lastly, the game Where in the World challenges families to solve a mystery by answering questions and following clues to discover secret items and locations.

Kids can continue their global adventures by downloading additional adventure packs from the LeapFrog App Center using the included USB cable. They can learn about food, art, music, ancient civilizations, international inventions, and pioneers.

This globe goes so far beyond the standard geography offerings of traditional electronic globes. From history to habitats, currency and climates, and flags and forests, kids can become world travelers and cultural connoisseurs with the Magic Adventures Globe.

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