Young witches and wizards should gear up for more magical adventures! Moose Toys is expanding its Magic Mixies collection to introduce new creatures for kids to reveal using magic spells!

Magic Mixies is a collection of fantasy-themed surprise toys full of magical reveals, like the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron and the Crystal Ball, designed for kids ages 5 and up. Now, the Mixies come in potion bottles and genie lamps — and lower price points, too!

Each Pixling doll is based off a different creature! | Source: Moose Toys

The Pixlings are a trio of stylish dolls that kids create in a potion bottle. Kids just have to add water and other special ingredients, say the magic words: “Magicus Mixus,” and push down the stopper to turn the murky water clear and reveal their doll! Just like magic, the doll will come out of the potion dry and ready to play! Kids can collect all three dolls — Marena the Mermaid, Deerlee the Deer and Unia the Unicorn — to mix and match clothes and accessories. The Magic Mixies Pixlings will be available for $17.99 at major retailers starting on July 15.

All of kids’ wishes can come true with the Magic Mixies Magic Lamp, which holds an ancient Genie Mixie inside. Kids must wake up their Genie Mixie by knocking on the lamp and ringing a doorbell. When the magic sand comes out, kids can complete a sound challenge to reveal a special ring and a gem that will help them unlock the plush Genie Mixie inside! When kids tap the Genie Mixie with the ring, they can ask for anything their heart desires, but will the Genie Mixie grant it? This interactive toy features more than 60 lights, sounds, and reactions. The Magic Mixies Magic Lamp will be available for $64.99 at major retailers online in September and in stores in October. It is currently available for preorder at Amazon.

In a world full of technology, a little magic and surprise toys add new color to kids’ lives!

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