Each puzzle in this series has more than 50 Easter eggs to discover as you build! | Source: Magic Puzzle Co.

From Harry Potter to Percy Jackson, fantasy is all the rage with teenagers. The Magic Puzzle Co. has put all of that mystical wonder into three new puzzles. 

The Magic Puzzle Series Three features three new fantasy-themed puzzles with eye-popping designs and whimsical creatures. Each puzzle has 1,000 pieces for teens to put in place. Teens can also discover more than 50 Easter eggs as they put together each puzzle. When the puzzles are all done, there is a mystery envelope to open that reveals a surprise! 

The Secret Soup puzzle shows an evil witch as she collects the ingredients for her potion. The only person who can save the day is a young witch who has to collect her own ingredients to fight the evil one’s potion. As builders piece together the Puzzled Patron puzzle, they will encounter strange happenings in a tavern after a long day of slaying dragons in a dungeon. Finally, the Gnome’s Homes puzzle features a neon forest full of mythical creatures that is threatened to get overrun by a crew of asphalt pavers.

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Each puzzle is available individually for $22.99 or in a 3-pack for $59.99. When teens are putting together these puzzles, they will feel like they’re transported to a whole new reality!

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