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Kids can build their own worlds right in the living room with the Make-A-Fort Explorer Kits!

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the Make-A-Fort Kits not only give kids a new playpen to play their favorite games in, but also the process of building the fort itself adds to the fun. Each fort is customizable so that kids can choose from a number of different fort shapes to build with, then draw their own designs on the outside of the cardboard walls. Each explorer kit comes with 20 panels, 18 braces, 86 connectors, and a carrying case.

Some of the projects include building a zen house, a mansion, or a hexagloo fort. Some fort sizes only require one explorer kit, while others might require more to build bigger sizes. Kids can take down and rebuild the forts as many times as they want.

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The Crazy House Fort requires two Make-A-Fort Explorer Kits, with plenty of space for hiding from imaginary monsters or exploring a top-secret mission with mysterious twists and turns. It is best built on carpeted surfaces.

The Fort Explorer Kits are available for purchase now at

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