Summer is the great time for kids to find new ways of stimulating their mind. Kids can use Make It Real’s latest playset to create fun pottery designs in miniature!

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, this arts and crafts set is a perfect way for tweens to disconnect from screens and reconnect with their inner artist. The set comes with everything kids need to design 10 mini pieces of pottery, including vases, sculptures, and more. If kids don’t have an eye for sculpture already, the set comes with a book of templates kids can follow for inspiration!

Designing pottery with this set is easy: Kids can just take some air dry clay, put it on the spinning wheel, put the lid on, and turn on the wheel! As the wheel spins, kids can mold their designs using different tools. The pottery is completely covered while it is spinning on the wheel, making cleanup a breeze. The creations are small enough to fit in kids’ hands. When kids are done sculpting their designs, it’s time to paint! The set comes with three colors of paint for kids to choose from to personalize their creations.

The Make It Real Mini Pottery Studio will be available at Target, Amazon, and craft stores. As kids design their own sculptures, whether they be mini vases or sculptures of animals, they are flexing their artistic muscles! Who knows: They could be a master sculptor one day!


Tweens can create 10 tiny projects using this no-mess kit, which includes air-dry clay, a spinning pottery wheel with a removable cover, sculpting tools, and paint.

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  • 8+

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