Pickleball, a sport that’s great for kids and adults alike, is going to be all the rage this spring with a coloful, new set from Make It Real!

The Adventure Fun 2-Person Pickleball Set is easy to transport and includes everything needed to head to the court and start playing. The set comes with two pickleball paddles (each equipped with a strap to keep kids safe while playing), two pickleballs, a drawstring bag, and an instruction sheet. The paddles feature bright colors and beachy designs with positive phrases like “Feel Good” and “Peace of Mind.”

Pickleball was invented in 1965, designed as a game for people to play in the yard. The sport features elements of tennis, badminton, and pingpong. A truly versatile game, players of all ages can try it in singles or doubles, and indoors or outdoors. Scoring is similar to tennis, with a ball bouncing twice or going out of bounds to give points. A player wins when they’ve reached 11 points.

Make It Real has even more fun sets for kids! When kids are done with their pickleball match, they can use the cosmetic sets to paint each other’s nails, make friendship bracelets with the jewelry sets, and sketch designs in the style sketchbooks. 

The Adventure Fun 2-Person Pickleball Set is available now on the Make It Real website and is designed for kids 3 and up. Grab it and have a fun day out with a little future sports star!

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Bug Hartsock

Bug Hartsock

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