Kids can get to building action-packed scenes from their favorite Marvel films with these new LEGO sets!

LEGO and Marvel have a longstanding partnership, bringing tons of superpowered sets to kids everywhere. Now, seven new sets are on their way, ready to provide young Marvel fans with hours of construction fun. Whether kids’ favorite character is Captain Marvel or Iron Man, there’s a new LEGO set for them to collect!

Blast off to space with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Photon! The Hoopty LEGO set gives kids the chance to send these heroes on outer space adventures. The 420-piece set is available for preorder now and will ship on Oct. 1. Get it here: LEGO, Target. Kids who loved Spider-Man: No Way Home can recreate the epic final battle full of Spideys and Spidey-Villains! The 900-piece Spider-Man Final Battle set is expected to become available on Aug. 1. Get it here: LEGO. The most dramatic of finales is also getting a LEGO set with the 794-piece Endgame Final Battle Set coming this August. Get it here: LEGO.

For kids that want to zoom in on their favorite characters, four new LEGO sets have them covered. The 66-piece Iron Man Hulkbuster vs. Thanos set is based on Avengers: Infinity War. Get it here: LEGO. The Captain America Construction Figure gives kids the chance to build an adjustable LEGO figure ready for play with 310 pieces! Get it here: LEGO. Wolverine is joining the party with a Construction Figure all his own as well. Get the 327-piece set here: LEGO. Finally, the Venomized Groot set has everything needed to make a Venom/Groot figure with 630 pieces! Get it here: LEGO. All these sets will be available on Aug. 1 so bookmark any favorites and get ready!

Kids can get inspired and join the action with these new Marvel sets, building their favorite scenes and characters! The new LEGO sets are coming soon, so kids should be ready to grab their favorites!

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