We’re less than two months away from the November release of Disney’s highly anticipated animated musical, Wish. To get kids ready, Mattel is unveiling a new product line inspired by the movie. The full collection includes characters, playsets, accessories, and more.

Singing Asha of Rosas Doll | Source: Mattel

The Singing Asha of Rosas doll ($24.99) captures the magic of the musical. Kids can hear her sing the song “This Wish” by lifting up her hand. A small figure of Star can also be clipped on Asha’s hand to travel along for the adventures. Dressed in her removable outfit and shoes, Asha features her signature look with braided hair for styling fun.

Queen Amaya of Rosas Doll | Source: Mattel

The Queen Amaya of Rosas fashion doll ($19.99) features a regal and removable outfit and accessories. She is fully poseable and features the character’s signature look with true-to-movie details.

Best Friends Tea Time Set | Source: Mattel

The Best Friends Tea Time set ($39.99) features Asha and Dahlia of Rosas ready to have the best tea party. Along with Star and 10 additional accessories, like a table and teapot, kids can have a tea party anytime. This set is perfect for recreating scenes and inventing new stories.

King Magnifico and Queen Amaya of Rosas Two-Pack | Source: Mattel

The King Magnifico and Queen Amaya of Rosas two-pack ($34.99) features the two poseable fashion dolls in their signature removable outfits. Queen Amaya has long, braided hair, a cape, a crown, and her necklace, while King Magnifico’s cape features plenty of details.

Asha of Rosas Adventure Pack Fashion Doll | Source: Mattel

The Asha of Rosas Adventure Pack fashion doll ($19.99) comes with Asha, Valentino, and Star, along with accessories such as Asha’s book, bag, and soft-goods shawl. The pet goat Valentino can also sit and stick his tongue out.

Cottage Home Playset | Source: Mattel

The Cottage Home Playset ($24.99) comes with an Asha micro doll, Star figure, and more than 15 additional storytelling accessories. Open the door to reveal two stories to fill with furniture. Asha’s bed can fold out and store accessories inside. 

Star Reveals Mini Doll Surprise | Source: Mattel

The Star Reveals Mini Doll Surprise ($5.99) allows kids to open the cute compact and discover a scene with a removable mini character doll and accessory. Kids can play and display, clipping Star to backpacks and other straps to show off and take on the go. There are six figures to collect.

Magical Star Small Doll Playset | Source: Mattel

The Magical Star Small Doll Playset ($34.99) features seven surprises. Turn Star’s top to release a magical wish orb with a surprise animal friend inside. The orb rolls into a woodland scene, where a treehouse, swing, and hut inspire storytelling. The animals can also rest in the wishing tree and hide behind the slide.

Teens Pack | Source: Mattel

The Teens Pack ($24.99) captures the quirky and diverse group of eight friends from Rosas…and Star. Featuring Asha, Dahlia, Dario, Safi, Bazeema, Simon, Hal, and Gabo, each mini doll has the character’s signature look.

Rosas Castle Playset | Source: Mattel

The Rosas Castle Playset ($49.99) comes with King Magnifico and Asha mini dolls, 20 storytelling accessories, and five play areas. There are plenty of magical touches, including star reveals at the fireplace, King Magnifico’s lab, and his lenticular portrait. There is also an incredibly light-up projection of a starry night sky.

Dahlia’s Rosas Marketplace | Source: Mattel

The Dahlia’s Rosas Marketplace Playset ($14.99) comes with a mini doll, Star, and nine accessories. Open the door to reveal the shop filled with groceries. This playset also comes with a handle for on-the-go play.

Star and Valentino Mini Playset | Source: Mattel

The Star & Valentino Mini Playset comes with Star and Valentino minifigures, plus 10 storytelling accessories. Open the door to discover two floors and a spot to hand the food trough. Fans can have fun playing out movie moments with Valentino’s food accessories, like his carrots and apple.

Kingdom of Rosas Character Set | Source: Mattel

The Kingdom of Rosas Character set ($39.99) includes 10 characters: Asha of Rosas, Dahlia, Queen Amaya, King Magnifico, Sabino, Sakina, Safi, Bazeema, Gabo, Simon, Star, and Valentino. With three additional animal friends, it’s an instant collection kids can use to play and display.

Disney Wish UNO | Source: Mattel

Lastly, the UNO Disney Wish set ($6.49) includes a deck featuring graphics inspired by favorite characters and scenes. There’s even a special “Wishing Star” rule that may have players drawing extra cards.

All of these products are perfect for kids ages 3 and up, except UNO, which is designed for kids ages 7 and up. The full Wish collection will be available for purchase on Mattel Shop starting Oct. 1.

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