Mattel’s new Jurassic World toys will launch this spring. | Source: Mattel/the Toy Insider

Life finds a way and so does Mattel.

Jurassic World Dominion is launching this summer as the third installment of the Jurassic World franchise, and dinosaur-obsessed kids are going to flip over Mattel’s new action figures, vehicles, and R/C toys heading to stores this spring.

Kids can act out all of the dinosaur fantasies with creatures like the Imaginext Mega Stomp & Rumble Giga Dino, the Jurassic World Super Colossal Giganotosaurus, the Jurassic World Thrash ‘N Devour Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Jurassic World Sound Slashin’ Therizinosaurus, and the Jurassic World Ferocious Pack Assortment. Some of the figures have interactive features, like the Jurassic World Uncaged Rowdy Roars Assortment that reacts to touch to move, chomp, and roar. The Sound Slashin’ Therizinosaurus features sound effects, a lunging chomp attack movement, and a hidden DNA tab that kids can scan with any smart device for extended digital play. The Thrash ‘N Devour Tyrannosaurus Rex can also chomp, thrash, and roar with dramatic movements.

Jurrasic World Hammon Collection | Source: Mattel/the Toy Insider

Collectors of all ages will recognize some familiar faces (Jeff Goldblum is back as Dr. Ian Malcolm!) with the Jurassic World Hammon Collection Human or Dino Assortment of 3.75-inch action figures with movie-accurate details. The figures are posable and built at a relative size to each other.

Matchbox R/C Jurassic World Jeep Gladiator | Source: Mattel

On the vehicle front, kids can look for the Matchbox R/C Jurassic World Jeep Gladiator, the Matchbox Jurassic World Dino Transporters, and the Jurassic World Capture ‘N Crush Truck. The Capture ‘N Crush Truck features breakaway parts, a blaster to shoot dinosaurs with a tranquilizer dart, an overhead crane with capture claw to lift the dinosaur figures, and a large bed for dinosaur transport. The Dino Transporters come with one or two mini dinosaurs that kids can haul and transport.

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Kids can role-play with the Jurassic World Chomp N Roar Tyrannosaurus Rex Mask. The mask features an electronic jaw that opens to varying degrees and three levels of sound effects.

Look for Mattel’s Jurassic World collection in stores this spring.

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