What’s better than blowing bubbles? Blowing hundreds of bubbles at once, without fuss or mess.

As the weather warms up and kids head outside to play, say hello to the Maxx Bubbles Bubble Barrage from Sunny Days Entertainment. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this bubble blaster is easy to use, visually impressive, and budget-friendly.

The Bubble Barrage is a chunky blaster that is lightweight enough for young kids to hold on their own. It also comes with a tray and a bottle of bubble solution, so adults don’t need to worry about making a separate purchase. The only additional thing you need to make this bubble blaster work is six AA batteries.

Overall, the blaster is very easy to use. No need to pour bubble solution into the blaster. Instead, an adult or older kid simply fills the included round tray (basically a shallow plate) with the included solution. Then, kids can dip the front of the blaster — which is covered in dozens of tiny bubble wands — into that bubble solution. The tray is designed to perfectly fit the blaster, and it is flat enough that it’s tough to spill the solution. That being said, this is definitely an outdoor toy! Because once kids have dipped the blaster in the solution and pull the trigger, they’ll see why this is called “Bubble Barrage.”

Thanks to the battery-powered gust of wind, the blaster will emit hundreds of bubbles at once. It’s a satisfying experience and one that is sure to make even the adults say “wow.” For each dip of the blaster in the bubble solution, kids will get one big bubble rush, then one or two smaller bursts of bubbles if they keep pulling the trigger. To get another bubble barrage, simply dip the blaster back in the bubble tray and pull the trigger again.

Kids will certainly enjoy creating this massive amount of bubbles themselves, but it can also be fun to have an adult or older kid create the bubble barrage for them to enjoy and run through. After a few uses, there may be a bit of bubble solution buildup on the front of the blaster. In this case, an adult should wipe the blaster with a towel or paper towel, then the fun can resume.

The premise of this toy is simple, but the results are fun and visually impressive. And the best part? The blaster costs just $14.99, so you can buy multiple Bubble Barrage blasters for a full-out bubble battle, or pick one up as a summer surprise without breaking the bank. Let the bubbles begin!


Create an endless amount of bubbles! Designed with fun styling and bold colors, this is sure to be a bubble blowing hit this summer. It's easy to use, just screw in the bubble solution and pull the trigger to blow a continuous streak of bubbles. Kids will love the fast bubble blowing action and parents…

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