Calling all fashionistas! Stylish little ones can now join the Rainbow High group in the new video game Rainbow High: Runway Rush. Outright Games and MGA Entertainment have released Rainbow High: Runway Rush for fans of the fashion doll line, and the Netflix and Youtube series. This marks the first video game inspired by the colorful dolls that encourage creativity through friendship.

Fans of the show and dolls can let their true colors shine and play as one of the six original Rainbow High characters. After selecting Ruby, Poppy, Violet, Skyler, Sunny, or Jade, players can attend Rainbow High creative arts school, help with a big creative project, and complete a variety of puzzles. 

Players can also exit the main story mode to collect diamonds and unlockable outfits, or play a mini game unique to their chosen character. Players can take photos with Violet, create kawaii illustrations with Sunny, and design clothes with Skyler. The puzzle adventure game also features recognizable locations from the series. Players have the opportunity to make croissants in the Rainbow Union, venture through Sunny’s bedroom, and more.

If younger players need more guidance, no need to worry. Younger gamers can play confidently at their own pace with the help of the “hint scan” function, which highlights interactive elements and guides players to the next step in the game.

Rainbow High: Runway Rush is available now for $39.99 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Watch the trailer below!


Join the Rainbow High crew in the first video game based on the colorful group! Fans of the Netflix and Youtube series and fashion doll line can play as Jade, Ruby, Poppy, Violet, Skylar, and Sunny! Attend Rainbow High, visit locations from the show, and unlock items in this adventure puzzle game.

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