Let’s be honest — is there anything better than a mystical, magical adventure with some colorful friends?

Kids can jump into a world above the clouds with Myla’s Sparkling Friends, including her BFF Mia the Unicorn. Mia is the best sassy, supportive friend that anyone could ask for. The robotic unicorn sings, listens to secret wishes, and changes color!

Seven activities that Mia can do are featured in the Parent’s Guide, but for kids with a big imagination, the options are actually endless. Before getting started, parents will want to bring Mia to life with two AAA batteries and remove the cable ties and bands that were attached to the unicorn to keep her safe while she traveled.

Kids can color Mia’s eyes, horn, and/or wings by pressing her Charm Button on her necklace. It will light up with a color, she’ll ask where it should go, and when kids press the buttons to tell her, she’ll compliment their styles! Mia also lets kids know what mood she’s in through color when they press her horn. Is she feeling peacefully blue or luckily green? Kids can press her eyes and wings after finding out for some more fun dialogue. Mia will also pick a lucky color for kids when they press her Wing Sensor.

Mia listens to kids’ wishes when they cover and hold her Eye Sensor. They’ll want to keep holding on until their wish is made and then let go. When they do she shares some secretive information! I’m not saying she will immediately grant all wishes, but I wished for a buddy to sing with and it immediately came true.

“Shine on now,” she sings when kids press her mouth. Be prepared — sometimes instead of singing, she’ll hum, kiss, or even burp! Who knew unicorns were so human?

Unicorns were meant to take to the sky and when kids pull Mia’s leg lever she’s ready to fly. She’ll jingle with tunes and cheer as she takes on the clouds. Kids can get some magical exercise while bringing her onto her next adventure.

At the end of the day, all unicorns really want to do is cuddle. Kids can pet Mia’s Eye Sensors or Wing Sensor to show their love and get some fun surprises. Kids can also brush through her realistic hair with the included comb and decorate Mia or themselves with the included hair clips.

Myla’s other best friends include Ava the Fox, Penny the Peacock, Piper the Dragon, and more! Each proves that there’s definitely nothing more magical than friendship.

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Nicole Savas

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