Both Minecraft: Portal Dash and Minecraft: Heroes of the Village focus on teamwork. | Source: Ravensburger

Ravensburger is bringing more Minecraft to our lives. 

The company is adding two new Minecraft board games to its collection, called Minecraft: Portal Dash and Minecraft: Heroes of the Village. Ravensburger previously released Minecraft: Builders and Biomes, which focused on individual players beating others. Now, its new games focus on teamwork

Kids ages 10 and up must escape the fiery Nether in Minecraft: Portal Dash. This strategy game includes picking up vital tools and mining blocks to outrun the piglins and other menacing creatures like ghasts and endermen. Minecraft: Portal Dash emphasizes teamwork; only players who work together will be able to escape. Between fighting piglins and escaping through a Nether portal, the game takes about an hour to play. 

Minecraft: Heroes of the Village brings players ages 7 and up together to protect the village from Illagers. Kids can collect resources and craft materials while exploring the world of Minecraft to keep the villagers safe. Players can also get an animal companion that gives the player special abilities to follow them around. Minecraft: Heroes of the Village has a shorter playing time than Minecraft: Portal Dash, with around half an hour of gameplay. 

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Whether kids prefer fighting mobs or mining coal, both new Minecraft games from Ravensburger will bring them together to overcome their challenges. Both games are available at Target for $24.99 and will get a wider release next year. 

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