ZURU’S latest iteration of its Mini Brands line takes things to a whole new, golden level. | Source: ZURU

Woah there! We’ve struck gold — well, Mini Brands Gold Rush Exclusive Capsule. 

Just when it seemed like ZURU’s Mini Brands couldn’t get better, the brand dropped its newest iteration — a limited-edition, all gold version of the hit toy. That’s right, every single product in this line is decked out in shiny gold. It’s the perfect present for any Mini Brands collector!

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Mini Toys Gold Rush Exclusive Capsule follows the same set-up as the original product. Packaged in a plastic ball, little collectors simply must peel away the packaging and unbox five big reveals! These can range from actual products from the grocery stores aisles such as Babybel Cheese or barbecue sauce, or items that can be found in a grocery store, such as a grocery cart or basket. 

Each Mini Brands Gold Rush comes with five toys to unbox! | Source: The Toy Insider

To make things even more exclusive, kids can find the new Ultra Rare Rose Gold minis and Gold accessories. There are more than 35 never-before-seen gold miniature collectibles from favorite brands  that are sure to shine in any collection. 

For little ones with active hands, the Mini Toys Gold Rush Exclusive Capsule is the perfect toy to keep them occupied. Although the product features a quick reveal, the act of opening the packaging will keep anxious hands busy for a while. At only $9.99, parents can purchase the product again and again without breaking the bank — and as an added bonus, kids can grow their collection! 

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Once everything is unboxed, it’s time for kids to find the best spot to showcase their selections. That shiny gold finish needs to be seen by everyone! Then, little collectors can grow their collections and be on the hunt for the coveted ultra rare items. Happy collecting! 

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