Can’t get your kids away from the TV screen? Detective Mira is on the case.

Coming from Just Play in August, two 10-inch dolls based on the hit Disney Junior series Mira, Royal Detective solve the mystery on how to get kids active and exploring. Mira is all about discovering things hidden in the world around her and with her help kids can too.

Both 10-inch dolls feature articulation at the neck, arms, and waist so they can move around just as much as the royal Indian detective does! Each comes with her signature hair barrette, earrings, and removable shoes. Of course, she’ll need her trusty magnifying glass to solve clues. Kids can hold the accessory over each dolls’ dress to discover a hidden pattern.

Mira’s hair is long, silky, and perfect for brushing and styling. The main difference between the two dolls is Mira’s outfit. The Mira Celebration Doll is ready to party in her bright purple and turquoise dress from the show and she has a blue magnifying glass. The Mira Detective Doll is all business — OK, mostly business — in her signature sleuthing outfit with an orange magnifying glass. Kids can choose which doll they want to solve crimes with, or just get both at an affordable price point of $14.99 each.

Every Sherlock needs a Moriarty — so, parents, if you’re up for being the bad guy, you can get in on the mystery, too. You can set up a scavenger hunt that kids can follow and find a prize at the end. An easy way to do this for those who can’t read yet would be to put a clue that leads to a part of your house. Kids will be able to use their logical reasoning skills to put two and two together and find their prize. For example, you could leave the ice cube tray under the couch and they’ll know to check the freezer, where they can discover ice cream.

Mira is also on the case of helping with a little educational play. Parents can ask kids to have Mira help them find something blue, find three of something, or find an object which starts with the letter C, for starters. There’s nothing Mira can’t solve and no mystery why she inspires play.

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Nicole Savas

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