Playmates’ Miraculous Fashion Flip Dolls transform from one outfit to another! | Source: Playmates Toys/the Toy Insider

What’s better than getting two dolls in one? 

The new Miraculous Fashion Flip Dolls from Playmates Toys combine two dolls into one. Perfect for kids 4 and up, these fashion dolls actually change from one doll into another! 

The Miraculous Fashion Flip Dolls are inspired by the French kids’ TV series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. The animated series follows two Parisian teenagers, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, as they transform into superheroes named Ladybug and Cat Noir. The two of them use magical jewels, known as the Miraculous, to fight evil in the city. 

The Marinette doll flips from Marinette to Ladybug! | Source: Playmates Toys

These fashion dolls emulate the girls’ transformation from their alter egos into their superhero selves. Although the Marinette doll is the only one currently available in the U.S., the line also features an Adrien Fashion Flip Doll that will be available soon. Each doll features 15 points of articulation and comes with a transforming two-in-one sequin fashion suit. Kids simply have to run their hands up the length of the doll to flip the sequins from one outfit to the other. 

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The Adrien doll comes dressed in his civilian street clothes, complete with a black T-shirt with a white shirt layered on top. When the sequins flip, he wears his black superhero catsuit. He also includes a mask and cat ears to finish his superhero transformation. 

The Marinette doll also comes dressed in her civilian street clothes, wearing pink pants and a layered black-and-white top. Kids can flip the sequins up to transform Marinette’s outfit into her iconic red catsuit with black polka dots. She also comes with a red-and-black spotted mask. 

These fashion flip dolls inspire creativity and free play. Kids will love using these dolls to act out scenes from the series or they can get creative and create their own storylines! There is virtually no cleanup involved, however, I’d recommend keeping an eye out for the mask and cat ears accessories. Due to their small size, it can be easy for them to disappear amongst the lost socks in your home. 

The Miraculous Fashion Flip Dolls are ready for any adventure coming their way. At only $19.99, these budget-friendly dolls are ready to team up with little superheroes to help fight crime! 

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