There are 19 total figures to collect! | Source: Playmates Toys

Unbox a miraculous surprise! 

The Miraculous Miracle Kwami Surprise Box by Playmates Toys is a mini surprise box that includes a collectible figure from the hit show, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The mini figure is packaged in a blind box, so when kids ages 4 and up unbox the toy it reveals a surprise character from the series. There are 19 total Miraculous characters kids can collect, including Sass, Barkk, Daizzi, and Longg. 

Each figure is packaged in a blind box, so kids won’t know what figure they received until they open it. What a fun surprise! | Source: Playmates Toys

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir centers on two Parisian teenagers who transform into superheroes to protect their city from evil villains. The mini figures each feature unique details specific to their character in the series. Miraculous fans will notice how each figure depicts the character in their iconic pose with detailed facial expressions. Some figures include accessories, such as Daizzi, who comes with a beaded necklace. Each character is approximately 2 inches tall, and characters that do not have legs include a base to help prop them up. 

The mini figures feature authentic details from the Miraculous series. | Source: Playmates Toys

Kids can use the mini figures as display pieces for their bedrooms or as storytelling elements in a playset. The figures are slightly bendable — but not articulated, which could be a drawback if kids want to incorporate them into their imaginative play. Additionally, the figures that include stands are attached to the stands, so kids can display them without fear of them falling down and getting damaged. 

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Ultimately, the Miraculous Miracle Kwami Surprise Box is an affordable way to embrace all things Miraculous. Each surprise box is under $5 and can make great Valentine’s Day gifts or unique party favors.

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