Kids have a portable and mess-free pottery studio with the new Mixy Squish Textured Air Dry Clay Tabletop Creativity Desk from Horizon Group USA. 

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this portable kit includes 10 packages of clay in rainbow colors, 14 shaping tools, an instructions pamphlet, and three stand-alone stencils (an addition to the 10 built into the desk). The tabletop creativity desk opens for easy storage and provides a designated workspace for kids to avoid clay getting stuck in unwanted places. 

That being said, the Mixy Squish clay is very easily moldable and does not stick to hands or hard surfaces. Each different color includes a type of glitter or bead within it that adds texture and sparkle to the clay, which will impress any slime-loving kid. Kids will have a great time ripping, stretching, rolling, and molding this clay, while practicing their fine motor skills

The 14-tool set includes long and thin tools with different heads to achieve different effects on the clay. These effects include poking circular holes, adding a hair-like texture, smoothing the clay, scooping out portions of a clay creation, or adding further details with thin tipped tools. Certain tools can be sharp when applied with enough pressure, so be sure to be careful of kids’ fingers! While kids will enjoy exploring the different uses of their tools, they may need help determining the purpose (or purposes) of each one. 

While kids may be eager to get their hands dirty (figuratively) and rip into the different clays, definitely take time to read the instructions manual: It offers helpful tips and tricks that aid with the molding and drying process including basic directions on how to create spheres, cylinders, and cubes for first-time sculptors. There are even step-by-step guides for creating a rainbow and a cute s’mores sculpture, complete with a marbled pink and yellow graham cracker. These can spark kids’ creativity before they start inventing creations of their own. 

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Kids can also turn to the 13 available stencils to kickstart their creation. With 10 built into the tabletop desk, losing pieces becomes a thing of the past! Kids just have to squish their clay into the molds and it peels out easily to reveal an indent of a heart, ice cream cone, dinosaur, etc. The stencils work like cookie cutters, and young artists can place multiple colors of clay in one stencil for an even more detailed outcome. Once two clay colors touch, though, it can be hard to separate them again, so be mindful about mixing!

Once complete, Mixy Squish clay takes about three hours to dry and, even then, kids can use paints and markers to further customize their creation. In between uses, the clay must be kept in an air-tight container or bag so it doesn’t dry out and can be reused. With proper care, Mixy Squish clay can be enjoyed over and over again with a new tool, stencil, color, or design to try each time. 

Mixy Squish has the sculpting appeal of clay or dough and the textured fun of slime, without the mess of either! The portable desk makes it easy to bring this set on the go and store all the pieces in one place. Kids use their creativity the whole time when molding new creations and use their sensory skills to squish, feel, and sometimes even hear their clay working. Kids will feel accomplished seeing a finished product they can display on a shelf, play with as an action figure, or even give as a gift. Be careful or kids just may ask for a pottery wheel next!

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