Every kid needs a way of staying cool during the hottest days of summer. If your family can’t make it to the lake or the beach, Monopoly Splash is a great way to bring some watery fun to your backyard!

Designed for kids ages 5-10, Monopoly Splash from WowWee combines water slides and inflatables with a classic game of Monopoly. As kids roll the inflatable dice, they make their way around the board to collect foam Monopoly money! However, they have to watch out for different obstacles, including bars to jump over or crawl under. The jail space even has inflatable bars surrounding it, trapping troublemakers behind bars. 

Kids will also like that the inflatable set features a climbing wall and a slide for an extra spark of added fun. If kids don’t like Monopoly, but want to get in on all of the action, Monopoly Splash also doubles as an obstacle course. 

Monopoly Splash is 7 feet tall! | Source: WowWee

Monopoly Splash is seriously huge. At more than 14 feet wide and long and 7 feet tall, the playset needs to be set up on a large, level area of grass. Parents will like that the set is easy to set up once unfolded. Monopoly Splash only takes 2 minutes to inflate, so the splash party can start right away. The set also comes with stakes to keep Monopoly Splash on the ground, patches to keep any holes from deflating all of the fun, and a storage bag for when everything is dried out. 

Of course, any water-based summer toy would be incomplete without a sprinkler! Monopoly Splash connects to your house’s hose system and spurts water everywhere to cool players off. The bottom of the inflatable can get slippery, so kids should be careful running around on it. 

Almost every kid wishes that they could have their own water park, especially when the sun is out and the pavement is hot. Monopoly Splash is the next best thing!


This inflatable obstacle course is designed after a Monopoly board game. There are two ways to play: Obstacle Course or Mega Monopoly. It includes a storage bag, an air blower, inflatable stakes, repair patches, inflatable dice, and foam bills.

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  • $999.99
  • Age:
  • 5+

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