Monopoly The Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition | Source: Hasbro/The Toy Insider

Wahoo! You’ve never played a round of Monopoly like this. 

Get ready to collect 200 gold coins at GO and dive into Hasbro’s Monopoly The Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition Game. Inspired by The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Nintendo and Illumination’s action-comedy film that brings the beloved characters of the Mushroom Kingdom to the big screen, this new addition to the Monopoly franchise sees players purchasing property to save the iconic game world from Bowser’s wrath. 

Suitable for players ages 8 and up, Monopoly The Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition Game replaces the old-hat Monopoly game pieces with six iconic objects shown in the movie to navigate around the board: a Super Mushroom, Mario’s hat, Toad’s frying pan, a Donkey Kong bucket, a flashlight, and Princess Peach’s crown.

Like every Monopoly game, the objective is to collect the most coins and buy the most property. Players can get their hands on staple Super Mario Bros. locations like Peach’s Castle, Mushroom Heights, and the Mushroom Forest. But, be careful of landing on the “Browser’s Fury” spot or the devilish King Koopa will steal your coins and properties or swap them with other players. 

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For $21.99, Mario fans and Monopoly lovers can purchase the Monopoly The Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition Game board at any major retailer including Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Fans can also catch the super-powered plumber battle it out with Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie today at a movie theater near you! Click here to check out even more Super Mario toys and games.

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