The garage can really store more than 25 trucks! | Source: Spin Master

Looking for somewhere to store more than 25 toy trucks? Don’t fret: Spin Master has the perfect space for that!

The Monster Jam Garage not only comes with plenty of space for storage, but it also is the perfect setting for kids to perform lots of high-octane stunts with their monster trucks. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the set includes platforms, walls, beams, and stands to hold Monster Jam monster trucks, and it only takes about 20-30 minutes to build! Be prepared, because it measures more than 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall once it’s built, so you’ll definitely want to have the proper space to accommodate it.

Once kids are finished constructing the set, they can load their monster trucks on the different ramps and watch as the cars do flips, spins, and achieve maximum speed! The trucks will stay in place when kids put them on the different beams of the garage, so you don’t need to worry about any of the trucks falling out or rolling away. It may take kids a few tries to perfect their stunts, but it helps to place the truck at the top of the ramp, gently pull it back a little, and watch it fly! 

Assembling the full garage is quick and easy. | Source: Spin Master

There are interactive pieces as well, such as an elevator shaft in which kids can place the trucks inside and then crank up to the top level of the playset to activate lights and sounds.

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The garage comes with an exclusive 1:64-scale Gold 40th Anniversary Die-Cast Grave Digger truck, but kids will need to add their own additional trucks to pack the garage full. Luckily, Spin Master offers sets of extra trucks at Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, and other retailers. 

Because the set includes three different ramps, multiple kids can play with it at once, making it an exciting, action-packed activity for any hangout. Kids can even use the Grave Digger truck separately from the garage. With this garage, kids can live out all of their Monster Jam dreams!

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