A mother and child read Eric Carle's book on the Moonlite projector.
A mother and child read Eric Carle's book on the Moonlite projector.
The Moonlite device that turns your smartphone into a projector. | Source: Moonlite

Stories are an essential part of a kid’s bedtime routine, but parents do not always have to use books with words and pictures. Moonlite gives parents an interactive and intimate way of sharing stories with their kids, reimagining classic stories with sound and projected light. 

Parents can simply clip the lightweight Moonlite projector onto their smart device. While the Moonlite app reads the story out loud, parents hold their phones up on the ceiling or wall to illuminate the magical tales featuring their kids’ favorite characters. 

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Moonlite features a soothing combination of striking visuals and engaging sounds, making it the ideal companion for kids’ bedtime, naptime, or relaxation after a busy, play-filled day. Parents can snuggle up with their kids and immerse themselves in various library collections. Moonlite is recommended for a variety of ages from babies to 5-year-olds.

World of Eric Carle 4 Story Collection from Moonlite
Source: Moonlite

Beginning on April 1, the World of Eric Carle 4 Story Collection will hit shelves. This collection includes the colorful animal tales The Very Busy Spider; The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Mr. Seahorse; and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? The gift pack costs $50 and includes the Moonlite projector, four activation key codes for the stories, and four picture discs. 

There are also two Disney-themed sets coming out this year for $50 each. Kids can interact with beloved Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse or Snow White in the Disney Mickey & Friends 4 Story Collection and Disney Princess 4 Story Collection. Instructions for accessing all the library collections are on the Moonlite website. The app is available on Google Play or the Apple App store. You can find the wide range of titles, both individual stories and collections, that Moonlite offers here

Moonlite is a wonderful addition to a bedtime story that will fascinate your kids, giving them an imaginative new way to look at their favorite stories and characters.

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