Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors | Source: Moose Toys

Moose Toys is giving a roundhouse kick to conventional action figures.

Stemming from the Japanese word for “arcade,” the Akedo— Ultimate Arcade Warriors line features a retro gaming look and combines all the elements of arcade fighting with real battle action at a micro collectible scale. Kids can challenge each other to one-on-one action using any of the 39 warriors and their distinctive battle styles. Want to kick it into high gear? Try using the split strike action that physically splits opponents in half.

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors | Source: Akedo

As part of the initial launch, Moose Toys is releasing the Akedo One Player Pack, the Versus Pack, the Warrior Collector Pack, the Starter Pack, and the Ultimate Battle Arena. Collect them all and battle using warrior figurines that include ninjas, teddy bears with chainsaws, robots, and more.

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors | Source: Akedo


Kids can battle with the Akedo controller as they maneuver to dominate their warrior opponent. By delivering a unique split strike action that physically splits their opponent in half, kids can end the match, but continue the fun by quickly reassembling and playing again. For a true Akedo battle experience, the ‘90s-style Ultimate Battle Arena mirrors an old-school arcade game and comes equipped with its own theme song and more than 35 battle sound effects. Not only will kids love the toy, but they’ll also finally understand why jingles from the ‘90s are so hard to get out of your head.

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Moose Toys also plans to accompany the toy line with an animated series. The Akedo toys will debut at Walmart and Amazon next month and will be available at all major retailers in August.

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