Kids can grow real seeds with these My Fairy Garden sets. | Source: PlayMonster

In a world full of technology, kids don’t get the same connection to the outdoors that they used to. Now, PlayMonster is looking to help kids rebuild their ties to nature with the new My Fairy Garden collection, featuring all new fairies and friends. 

The new line will include six sets with different natural themes, including the sun, water, air, shadows, and more. Each set comes with a fairy field guide to teach kids ages 4 and up about the fairies and their gardens, a Plantimal friend, growing areas, seeds for edible plants, and other surprises!

The My Fairy Garden Twilight Treehouse will feature Rae the Light Fairy and her Plantimal friend, Hop. Kids can sow the included seeds in the growing area, then care for them with the garden accessories and watering can to make them grow. Rae’s fairy lantern can illuminate the Twilight Treehouse home while they hang out inside or swing from the branch outside. This set will be available for $29.99.

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Kids can use the My Fairy Garden Hedgehog Haven to grow red cabbage seeds with Earth Fairy Tara and her Plantimal friends Twigs, Quill, and Prickles in the mushroom house. While kids are waiting for the plants to grow, they can take the hedgehogs on rides in wheelbarrows, push them on leaf swing-sets, and more. This set will be available for $19.99

With the My Fairy Garden Blossom Balloon, Skye the Air Fairy and her Plantimal, Snap, will help kids grow coriander seeds while they land the flower-shaped balloon on the tree branch or take the duo on flying adventures. There are also spinning flowers on the tree. This set will be available for $19.99

Kids can use the My Fairy Garden Well of Wishes to create an edible garden of red amaranth for Kai the Water Fairy and Plantimal Kibo while splashing around with Kai in the pond or watering their new garden from the well. This set will be available for $14.99. 

Hop just can’t get enough of gardening with My Fairy Garden Hop’s Hideaway! Kids can grow cornflower with him as he checks out his new house in a matching set with the Twilight Treehouse! This set will be available for $12.99

Kids can check out their growing purple radish plants with Luna the Shadow Fairy and Nettles in the My Fairy Garden Nettle’s Nook. Nettles watches from her own house as the fairy garden grows. This set will be available for $12.99

The My Fairy Garden collection is a great way to help preschoolers learn about nature and gardening outside of the classroom. The new collection will launch in the spring.

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