The Naturalistas natural hair fashion doll line is a celebration of chic natural hair styles. | Source: Purpose Toys

Make room for some new dolls in your kid’s collection because Peety and Penny of the Pixie Puff Collection are joining the party and they’re bringing more representation of natural hair to the toy aisle. Black-owned toy start-up Purpose Toys unveiled the Pixie Puff Collection as part of the Naturalistas fashion doll line to celebrate short and chic natural hairstyles on National CROWN Day.

Naturalistas is a line of glamorous fashion dolls that show kids the beauty in coily, curly, and naturally textured hair. The new Pixie Puff Collection celebrates coily “four-textured” hair, a common hair type found in the African American community.

CROWN Day takes place on July 3 each year, honoring the first signing of the CROWN Act into legislation in California in 2019. The CROWN Act outlaws natural hair discrimination in schools and the workplace. The tagline of the Naturalistas brands is “Be Proud of Your Crown,” and the brands are meant to support the self-esteem and confidence of kids to show them that their natural hair types are beautiful. 

Pixie Puff Collection | Source: Purpose Toys

The Pixie Puff Collection features characters Peety and Penny — both styled with cropped (coily) “4C” textured hairstyles, varying custom skin tones, contemporary fashions, and character profiles that speak to their pride for their healthy, natural hair.

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“Whereas there is an over-representation of long straight hair and long loose curls across the Black doll category, the reality is that many African American children actually have gorgeous tightly coiled hair,” Purpose Toys CEO DeeDee Wright-Ward said in a press release. “From the standpoint of authentically representing distinctively Black characteristics, most doll products marketed to Black children don’t often reflect their beautiful pixie coils, which can inadvertently send a message that hair that looks like theirs isn’t equally valued, no matter the intent of the manufacturer.”

Purpose Toys has partnered with Just Play and Kidfinity for the dolls, which will be sold and distributed by Purpose Toys at Walmart for $12.97 each starting this September.

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