These new books will be available in October, just in time for Halloween reading! | Source: Goodreads/The Toy Insider

As everyone prepares their Halloween costumes for October, kids with a penchant for reading can find another way to get excited about the haunting holiday with five upcoming book releases. The spooky season is bringing a book for every kid, with stories about witches, vampires, solving mysteries, discovering magic in the world, and finding yourself.

Witch Hazel by Molly Idle is a picture book that explores more than just witches. It talks about memories and the meaning of sharing them with others. The gentle illustrations compliment the tender tone of this book about the older witch Hazel magically sharing memories with the young Hilda. Order the book here.

Keeping up with more Halloween classics, vampires are at the forefront in The Last Hope in Hopetown by Maria Tureaud, but they aren’t normally all that scary. Human Sophie Dawes has two adoptive vampire moms that are loving parents. Sure, vampires have to follow more rules — CPS checks in regularly and there is a nightly curfew, but it’s worth it for the happy family Sophie has. But vampires have mysteriously started going rogue, including Sophie’s usually kind mother. Now, it’s up to the 12-year-old Sophie to find a cure, with the help of her best friend, of course. Order the book here.

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October is never complete without a good mystery, and Sisterhood of Sleuths by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman is coming to deliver it. Those who are nostalgic for the old Nancy Drew novels will be delighted to hear they play a central role in main character Maizy’s desire to start sleuthing. When a box of Nancy Drew books ends up at the thrift store her mom owns, she finds a photo of her grandmother tucked in them. Since everyone is being suspicious about it, she and her friends (Nell and Cam) are on the case. Order the book here.

For those who love a fish-out-of-water story with a dash of magic on the side, Outside Nowhere by Adam Borba has you covered. Kid Parker Kelbrook is known for causing mischief. After getting fired from his job, his dad sends him off to work on a farm. But there are some weird happenings in this seemingly ordinary place, with magic around corners you wouldn’t expect. Order the book here.

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Nikhil Out Loud by Maulik Pancholy will be a perfect book for any kids on their own journeys of self-discovery. Nikhil Shah is a gay Indian American boy, and a voice actor for a popular animated series, Raj Reddy in Outer Space. When his family moves to small-town Ohio, Nikhil has to deal with a number of new challenges. From protesting parents and stage fright to coming to terms with leaving the character he voices, this novel will bring to the front stage the nervous feelings any young tween might find themselves swimming in. Order the book here.

These new reads are all releasing throughout the month of October. Keep an eye out for them on Amazon or at your favorite local bookstore.

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