The Nickelodeon Slime Metallic Mixer Studio | Source: Cra-Z-Art/the Toy Insider

Anyone who grew up watching Nickelodeon has probably dreamed of getting slimed at some point. They may not be able to get slimed at home, but they can make their own slime with Cra-Z-Art’s Nickelodeon Slime Metallic Mixer Studio.

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, this DIY studio is slippery, slime-filled fun in an easy-to-handle mixer machine. Kids can mix together their own personalized slime combinations and watch them plop from the mixer into the cup below once it’s complete.

Before getting started, kids can set up the studio to stay organized as they begin their slime-making activity. The studio is easy to set up and it features slots and spaces for almost all of the ingredients so kids can pour the beads into their designated compartment and line up the three glitters and metallic powders. Kids can also decorate their studio using the included silver stickers.

Nickelodeon Metallic Mixer Studio | Source: Cra-Z-Art

Once the parts are securely in place, let the slime-making begin! Kids can follow the instructions to measure out the slime activator, glue, and water using the included measuring cup. Try to be exact when measuring ingredients, otherwise the slime can come out either too watery or too thick. There are plenty of ingredients included, so experimenting is part of the process. If kids can get the slime just right, they’ll have a lot of fun running their fingers through the ooey-gooey texture. The entire process only takes around 5 minutes to compete, and kids can make multiple containers full of slime. 

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While working with the slime, kids are able to exercise their creativity to get the kind of slime they desire, adding in spoonfuls of color, gold glitter, metallic powder, and beads (all included in the kit). Kids can either mix the decorations in while the slime is in the mixer, or sprinkle them on top as a final step. Artsy kids can get as creative as they’d like, even mixing their separate slimes together to create an awesome glitter swirl or rainbow pattern. With so many colors and design options, the mixer studio is a set that kids can have fun with during more than one slime-making session. 

The process is easy and for the most part, not too messy, except for the metallic powder that adds a shiny finish to the slime — and your fingers. To keep the slime looking and feeling as fresh as it did coming right out of the mixer, kids should always store the slime in the provided cups with lids. Now, go get slimed!

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