Nina West is a well-known drag queen performer with a love for color and storytelling. | Source: Nina West/The Toy Insider

Nina West’s The You Kind of Kind teaches kids to value community, be inclusive, and have a “wuzzfastic” time exploring the world around them!

Nina West is a prominent drag queen, singer, and activist. She became more widely known after placing sixth in Season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She’s already dipped her toes into family-friendly entertainment, voicing a pride parade’s host for a Blue’s Clues & You singalong video. 

Nina lent her voice to Blue’s Clues & You for this pride singalong. | Source: Blue’s Clues & You

Now Nina West is bringing her colorful and fun energy to kids’ reading, with her new book The You Kind of Kind. In this children’s book, a young Nina ventures out to discover kindness in the world. The book is chock-full of brightly colored art from illustrator Hayden Evans, and fun words like “wuzzfastic” and “remarkabus” that are sure to have kids giggling while reading. 

The You Kind of Kind is a book full of color and positive messaging! | Source: The You Kind of Kind

The book also has also been praised by the country music legend Dolly Parton, who loves the book’s messaging. “Well, to quote some lines in a song I wrote, I always say: Whatever you are, be that. Whatever you do, do that. Anything else is just an act. Whoever you are, be that, be that. Whatever you are, be that. Nina West’s The You Kind of Kind teaches the same lesson — just be yourself!” Dolly says. 

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And if your kid is absolutely in love with the book, and a big music fan, Nina has you covered. She released a companion song for the book, “The You Kind of Kind” by her and Marc Byers. The song is available now on major streaming services.

Nina West’s new children’s book The You Kind of Kind is available at major booksellers now for $14.99, and a signed edition is available at Barnes & Noble as well as Prologue Bookshop for $18.99.

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