The Ninja Kidz TV Giant Mystery Ninja Ball from Blip Toys lets kids be ninjas — just like the Ninja Kidz!

The Ninja Kidz — social media influencers with a popular YouTube Channel — focus on adventures, action skits, challenges, and teaching Ninja skills through virtual classes. Plus, they also have a toy line that their fans love.

The latest in their toy line is the Ninja Kidz TV Giant Mystery Ninja Ball.There is a nice mix of items inside with more than 25 surprises that lets fans be ninjas, too! There are six ninja throwing stars, two sticky stars with six targets, a sticker sheet, three Ninja Kidz Action figures, a Ninja mask or belt, two ninja battle gear accessories, a ninja squish ball, and two mission cards.

With 24 figures to collect in total, three possible mask and belt combinations, 12 total collectible mission cards, six possible squish balls, and four possible ninja battle gear accessories that kids can uncover, the reveal of what’s inside is just as exciting as playing with the toys after it’s all unveiled!


There are three unique Giant Mystery Ninja Ball packs to collect. All contents are blind bag toys, so you may never know what you will get in each set. Kids and parents may find it frustrating to get many duplicates, but it does offer trading opportunities with friends or it makes for a fun alternative to piñatas at birthday parties!

Another thing that adults should note: Despite the name of the product including the word ball, it’s actually flat on the back. (So, it is more like a half-moon than a full moon!) However, once kids unbox the “ball,” it doubles as an easy-to-carry storage container with a carrying handle, and also serves as a detachable toy shield for ninja role play.

The Ninja Kidz Giant Mystery Ninja Ball is ideal for kids ages 3 and up who love martial arts, role play, dress up, or are fans of the Ninja Kidz. They’ll love to unbox all of the surprises and transform into Ninja Kidz themselves!

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Charlene DeLoach

Charlene DeLoach

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