If your kids need some nautical nonsense sans actual aquatics, NKOK has just the toy for the job!

The SpongeBob Full Function R/C cars from NKOK come in two styles: skateboarder SpongeBob and Krabby Patty, which features SpongeBob driving the Patty Wagon. Both feature rubber tires and adjustable front-wheel alignment.  

These R/Cs have a 150-foot range. | Source: NKOK

Setting up these R/C cars is a piece of cake. The actual R/C takes four double A batteries and the remote control takes two, and then kids are ready to drive Spongebob all the way from Bikini Bottom to Shell City and back again.

The SpongeBob NKOK R/Cs are a great option for kids who know that F is for friends who do stuff together: Up to 16 racers can play at a time! The R/Cs also have a staggering range of 150 feet, and kids can floor it easily: The transmitter features a functional turbo boost button.

At $29.99, for kids who can’t get enough of the little yellow guy and love racing cars to boot, the price point isn’t too drastic for a durable toy like this. Plus the fluid navigability and the vibrant designs alone make this a win in any R/C lineup. Stock up for SpongeBob SquarePants-themed birthday parties, or share one between a pair of SpongeBob and Patrick-type siblings. The cars are intended for kids ages 6 and up, but it’s so easy that with a little guidance all ages of fry cooks can get in on the fun.

These R/Cs are conveniently available at Amazon and Walmart, so say “I’m ready!” to making every day the best day ever for your little ones with these SpongeBob NKOK Full Control R/C cars. 


The SpongeBob R/C cars come in two styles: Krabby Patty and skateboarder Spongebob. Each features dual rubber tires and adjustable front-wheel alignment, plus the transmitter features a functional turbo boost button. The R/Cs allow up to 16 racers at once and have a range of 150 feet.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $29.99
  • Age:
  • 5+

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