Numberblocks One & Two Playful Pals are two plush friends who are ready for adventure! | Source: hand2mind

Watching Numberblocks on TV is great for kids who are just learning how to count. With hand2mind’s Numberblocks One & Two Playful Pals, the fun comes off of the screen and into the real world. 

Numberblocks One & Two Playful Pals is a set of two plush toys based on the characters One and Two. One is a red block who has only one eye. Two is taller than One, and wears glasses and his special dancing shoes. The two plush characters are very soft and squeezable, making for both great companions and great toys. 

Together with One and Two, kids can play out scenes from Numberblocks or create their own storylines for the two friends to go on. The plush numbers also encourage kids to learn how to count, especially if they are at the beginning of their number-learning journey. 

Numbers One and Two are soft and huggable. | Source: hand2mind

At its heart, the Numberblocks One & Two Playful Pals set is a companion to the Numberblocks TV show, which is available on Netflix and YouTube in the U.S. Kids can watch dozens of episodes of Numberblocks while they play with their friends One and Two. The Numberblocks website,, also has worksheets, games, crafts, and baking recipes based on kids’ favorite Numberblocks characters. 

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On the back of the packaging for the Numberblocks One & Two Playful Pals set, there is a QR code that will take parents to hand2mind’s website, where there are more printout activities for kids to do, including set pieces so kids can create their own Numberblocks episode. 

These plush numbers will provide kids hours of cuddles, creativity, and learning, whether they’re watching Numberblocks on the TV or are in a world of their own imagination.

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