Are you ready for a mission of mathematical proportions? Enter the Numberblocks Step Squad Mission Headquarters from hand2mind. Designed for kids ages 3-12, this toy is not just a playset — it’s a gateway to early math skills and endless adventures.

A treasure trove of educational opportunities lies at the heart of the Headquarters. This set includes a detachable slide, 11 accessories, and stickers for your little one to personalize their mission station. Only the Numberblock Three figure is included in this set, so grownups should be aware they may need to purchase other sets for more number potential. However, as kids engage with these number toys, they embark on exciting adventures that promote counting, sequencing, and other crucial early math skills.

Math adventures can lead to math acquity! | Source: Hand2Mind

While a math-themed playset, it offers other hidden educational potential. This parent reviewer knows how crucial it is for kids to be comfortable with math. It often is the first and critical step in achieving math success at any level. For example, the detachable slide isn’t just for play; it’s a dynamic tool for counting and sequencing! Encourage your young mathematicians to slide their Numberblock down while counting aloud. How many 1-2-3s does it take to get down the slide? What if the block slid down twice as fast? This hands-on approach turns simple play into an engaging math lesson, reinforcing numerical concepts effortlessly.

The Super Secret Step Squad Headquarters introduces the concept of missions. This gamified learning experience makes math enjoyable and teaches problem solving, critical thinking, and goal achievement—all essential skills for budding mathematicians.

The inclusion of stickers allows your little one to personalize their mission headquarters, turning it into a creative expression of their mathematical journey. Discuss the numbers and shapes on the stickers, creating an opportunity for conversation around math concepts playfully and enjoyably.

Integrating math-themed toys into playtime is a foundation for a positive attitude toward mathematics. By incorporating numerical concepts into activities, children develop a natural, intuitive understanding of math, making it an enjoyable and integral part of their daily lives.

With its engaging features and educational benefits, this set ensures that your child’s playtime is fun and a stepping stone to a future filled with confidence in numbers and a love for learning. Let the math adventures begin!


Kids can join Numberblock Three on secret agent adventures in this playset. It features everything kids need to learn about counting in exciting imaginative play, including accessories and a ride-on elevator/

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