Don’t worry about the dishware with Ollyball bouncing around! | Source: Ollyball

Ollyball is designed with the indoors in mind, with its KrunchCor bladder interior making it a safe option for indoor play that won’t break anyone’s favorite lamp. The crunchy ball is lightweight (weighing less than an ounce!) and made to absorb shock.

The toy isn’t just for games of catch: It also encourages creativity since kids can color directly on the ball, giving it a design unique to them. Kids can personalize the ball with markers, crayons, and even paint.

Kids can personalize their Ollyball! | Source: Ollyball

The Ollyball Eco Pak includes a 12-inch original Ollyball with a ton of fun designs to color in, the Ollyball GirlPOWer includes a design of messages specifically meant to inspire young girls, the Ollyball Slugger is a smaller Ollyball made for kids getting their start in baseball or softball, and the Ollyball Glow Party comes with neon markers and a 6-foot LED blacklight that makes the ball glow.

Those are just a few of the Ollyball options available. All the Ollyballs are inflatable and kids can refill them with air to keep play going. The ball is shipped deflated, but kids can easily blow it up with the included straw. The balls are also waterproof, in case kids want to take them into the pool. 

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The design started with a dad named Joe Burke, who got the idea when he and his family decided (one particularly hot summer) that they needed a ball that they could play with indoors. The Ollyball was the result, and the toy has had plenty of success since. It was one of the winners of the 2019 Toy of the Year awards and is huge on TikTok.

Rainy days won’t stop the fun if a kid has an Ollyball! The customizable balls are available now at a variety of retailers. Visit for more information!

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