Kids can explore a land before time in 3D with PlayShifu’s Orboot Dinos | Source: PlayShifu

Traveling around the world and back in time has never been quicker!

PlayShifu’s new Orboot Earth and Orboot Dinos give the classic globe a digital twist. Although kids can use these toys as just a normal globe, what makes the Orboot toys special is their interactive app. Kids can see the countries and dinos in 3D by scanning the star icons on the globes. Highlights pop up on the screen that when clicked, reveal an introduction, fun facts, and quizzes.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, Orboot Earth and Orboot Dinos make geography and beginner’s paleontology accessible and understandable for young explorers. To make things even easier, the app reads aloud what is written on the screen, including those long-winded dinosaur names no one knows how to pronounce.

Orboot Earth comes with a passport where kids can write down their favorite places they’ve “traveled” and a cute little passport stamp to check off their countries. Similarly, the Orboot Dinos includes a dino diary where kids match the dino fact with the included dino sticker. Taking the knowledge they learned digitally, kids can then apply it physically on paper.

PlayShifu’s Orboot Earth unlocks an AR world | Source: PlayShifu

After downloading the Orboot Earth and Orboot Dinos apps (keep in mind they are separate apps) from the app store, kids have access to a wide variety of games that teach them about the world and its creatures. Once downloaded, the apps have no in-app purchases and don’t require the internet to play — perfect for those long road trips we’re all taking this summer. The apps are super easy to use and ask for kids’ grade levels to ensure they are learning at the right pace.

The Earth app comes with tons of mini-games, from mysteries to quizzes that test kids’ animal and country facts. When a highlight is scanned, 3D animals, cuisines, and maps pop up that let kids explore countries to which they may not have traveled, all without leaving their room. Young travelers can also create an Oko Park, where they balance and maintain a national park by learning about ecosystems, food webs, and animals.

PlayShifu’s Orboot Dinos and Orboot Earth create a 3D digital learning experience | Source: PlayShifu

The Dinos app operates the same way, but dino-themed. Kids can learn about all the different types of dinosaurs that existed, from their favorite foods to what their roar sounded like. One of my favorite features is getting to walk the dinosaur: After kids have learned all the dino facts, they can make the dino trot around its little area. That’s Orboot Earth and Dinos’ strong-suit — combining learning with games that are genuinely entertaining. I could make those dinosaurs trot for hours — and I know how to pronounce their names.

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PlayShifu’s Orboot Earth and Dinos is the gift that keeps on giving. The apps have so much content, kids will stay entertained for weeks (maybe even years). The ability to shift the age level unlocks even more facts and content, so kids can grow with the toy. It has something for every kid, whether they are destined to be a future scientist, are a dinosaur aficionado, or are just looking for a new game.

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