The ‘ParentPal’ app is available now. | Source: Teaching Strategies/the Toy Insider

Parenting takes a village and the ParentPal app is a great tool to lend parents a helping hand.

Officially launching today on Sept. 14, this all-in-one parenting app from Teaching Strategies and the founders of Baby Einstein combines expert advice with useful features to help parents gain a better understanding of childhood development. It helps parents track developmental milestones, health and wellness, and gives ideas for age-appropriate activities for kids. It also acts as a flexible tool that helps ease first-time parents’ worries.

The mobile app will guide parents through 180 research-based milestones that will help them learn more about kids’ cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth from birth through age 5. When kids complete a specific milestone, the user can tap “We did it!” within the app to celebrate the accomplishment and keep track of these special moments with the date and related photos of the occasion. The app will generate a milestone report that shows all of the moments and dates, which can be shared with pediatricians or family. Parents can also gather all of the photos and videos in memory books for future viewing.

Parents can go in-depth with tracking their little ones’ diaper changes, toilet trips, feedings, sleep times, height, weight, vaccinations, doctor visits, and more. This can be useful to share with pediatricians or to reference if any health or behavioral issues should arise. Parents can also upload a weekly photo of their kid’s face to the memory book to capture their changes week-by-week over months or even years.

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The app’s library contains more than 3,500 activities, songs, interactive language cards, ebooks, and videos that can help enrich quality time and create educational experiences. The “Today’s Plan” section is designed to help parents decide where to focus their energy each day while creating memorable learning experiences for their kids. Parents can create daily plans with activities, routines, and reminders, milestones that they should be on the lookout for, and a memory book where they can store and share important memories. The app will suggest one-on-one activities for parents and kids to enjoy together, as well as storytime and music recommendations.

ParentPal is available now on Apple and Android devices with a 14-day free trial and a subscription price of $12.99 per month or $69.99 per year. Visit for more information.

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