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These paws uphold the laws — the karaoke laws, that is!

eKids’ PAW Patrol Sing Along Boombox is perfect for young pop stars in-the-making! Featuring a built-in microphone, the PAW Patrol Sing Along Boombox has everything kids need to take the stage. PAW Patrol fans ages 3 and up will love belting out and gettin’ down as the PAW Patrol theme song plays.

If you don’t know, PAW Patrol is a hit animated kids TV show that airs on Nickelodeon. The series follows a young boy named Ryder as he leads a group of search and rescue dogs called the PAW Patrol. Together, Ryder and his pups work to keep their town of Adventure Bay safe. Since PAW Patrol premiered, it has skyrocketed in popularity, making it essentially impossible to not know about the show if you are around kids. And boy, do kids love PAW Patrol.

This boombox is awesome for kids who require a little extra attention during the day. It comes with one built-in song, the PAW Patrol theme song, that kids can play with the push of the music button. Although parents may get sick of hearing the PAW Patrol theme song over and over again, young pop stars will love to sing along to the lyrics they know so well. And when kids (or parents) are done hearing the PAW Patrol theme song, they can use an AUX cord (not included) to connect their own devices through the audio jack. The song choice options are endless!

eKids’ PAW Patrol Sing Along Boombox features a real working microphone! | Source: eKids

For me, the best part is the attached microphone. As a kid I always wanted to talk into microphones — I mean, who doesn’t want to hear themselves echo loudly around a room? Not only does this one actually connect to the speakers in the boombox, but it’s shaped like a police walkie-talkie. Kids will get a thrill out of pretending to call in crimes! The microphone can be a little hard to hear, so kids may have to use their outdoor voices for this one.

Because it’s battery operated, the boombox is portable and has a handle for easy carrying. It’s not too big, so it will fit snugly in any picnic basket or beach bag. It’s the perfect toy to take outside, and can even be used as a speaker if kids just want to listen to music. When kids are done playing with the boombox, there’s virtually nothing to put away so clean up time is over in a second.

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The PAW Patrol Sing Along Boombox is an amazing addition to any kid’s toy collection. Whether they watch PAW Patrol or not, kids will love using the attached microphone and singing along to their favorite songs. With fall weather on the horizon, this boombox is a must-have that will keep your little leading lady or lad entertained for hours at a time.

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