hand2mind’s Pawz the Calming Pup walks kids through breathing exercises! | Source: hand2mind

This adorable pup gives a whole new meaning to therapy animals!

hand2mind’s Pawz the Calming Pup is more than just a cute puppy friend. This beloved calming companion features auto-adjusting lights that guide kids through deep breathing patterns. Best for kids ages 3 and up, Pawz is sure to become kids’ new best friend.

Pawz features two different modes: Night-light and Mindfulness. In Night-light mode, kids can use the three-position timer switch to set the night-light. They can choose from 5-, 10-, or 15-minute intervals. When the time is up, Pawz powers down and the light turns off. Kids can also choose to light up their room with five different colored lights — white, green, blue, yellow, or purple.

Pawz guides kids through breathing exercises with three different colored lights. | Source: hand2mind

But the real magic happens in Mindfulness mode, when Pawz leads kids through three different breathing exercises. During each exercise, Pawz will glow a different color, making it easy to distinguish between the activities. First, there’s the 4 x 4 Breath in a deep blue light. As the light gets brighter, Pawz invites kids to breathe in for four seconds. The light stays bright as kids hold their breath for one second at the top of their inhale, and then slowly fades as kids exhale for four seconds. The cycle repeats four times and when it’s completed, the light turns off.

The Laddered Breath activity is shown in yellow light. As the light increases, kids breathe in for three seconds. They hold their breath for one second as the light stays bright, and then exhale for three seconds as the light fades. The light increases again and kids inhale for four seconds, hold their breath for one second as the light stays bright, and then exhale for four seconds as the light decreases. They will then hold their breath for one second while the light is off. The cycle repeats three times.

Lastly, the Square Breath is shown in green light. As the light gets brighter, kids breathe in for five seconds. Kids hold their breath for five seconds at the top of the inhale, while the light stays bright, then exhale for five seconds as the light fades. At the bottom of their exhale, kids will hold their breath for another five seconds. The cycle repeats four times and when it’s through, kids can press Pawz’s foot to return to the first breathing activity.

Pawz also doubles as a night-light! | Source: hand2mind

This product is amazing — especially for kids who struggle with anxiety. Pawz’s breathing activities encourage kids to be fully present and aware of their own complicated thoughts and feelings at a young age: Something I wish existed when I was younger! Learning how to deal with these emotions is incredibly important and hand2mind makes it simple and digestible for young minds. Pawz is great for anxiety, but he’s also perfect for temper tantrums and frustrations! Taking deep breaths can cure tiny tempers in a matter of minutes.

Plus, Pawz is cute and portable, making him easy to take along on a trip or sleepover. For kids who deal with separation anxiety, Pawz can be an awesome way to center their thinking and keep them calm through the night.

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With his breathing exercises, night-light mode, and cuteness factor, Pawz the Calming Pup is the perfect toy for the upcoming holiday season — and at $19.99, this budget-friendly pup is accessible to all!

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