Pepita Meets Bebita tells the story of what happens when beloved pets meet the new baby in the family.

This book follows Pepita, a puppy used to being the center of her family’s attention. Life suddenly changes when a new baby arrives, as Bebita enters and shifts Mami and Papi’s focus away from her. Kids will see Pepita’s daily observations of how things are changing with a new family member around. 

Follow Pepita as she learns how to adjust to the new baby. | Source: Random House Children’s Books

Kids can learn Spanish vocabulary terms by matching Spanish words found in the story with the glossary at the back of the book. The Spanish-language edition is also available for families to enjoy. 

Pepita Meets Bebita is a perfect resource for understanding changes within the family. Kids ages 4 and up can read Pepita’s story and relate to having a new baby in the house. Kids can also understand how to embrace changes and accept their younger siblings. 

Pepita Meets Bebita will be available on Sept. 12. To discover more family-friendly books, visit

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